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Myths About Custom Printed Promotional Products

Custom Printed Promotional Products

There are a few misconceptions about custom printed marketing items that Ted's PromoWorld would like to clear up. First, we hear that custom printed promotional products are always cheaply made, low quality products. While you definitely can find some inferior merchandise available, not everything is sub-standard simply because it has a logo printed on it. In fact, we offer hundreds of high quality customized promotional products, even brand name, items that can easily be given as corporate logo imprinted corporate gifts. These items range from handsome pen sets to electronics. The other myth we frequently hear is that promotional products need to be expensive. This is not necessarily true at all, and staying on budget does not mean you are forced to stick to pens, either. Low cost but effective items include lanyards with your website or company name and tote bags to replace plastic grocery bags. Thanks to the enormous selection at Ted's PromoWorld, you will be able to find the perfect products to represent your company.

Corporate Logo Imprinted Gifts

Many people immediately equate printed marketing items with give aways, but there are other uses for marketing material. For example, you could find items from Ted's PromoWorld to use as employee incentives, charity items or unique corporate logo imprinted gifts. We also offer many items, such as banners and event tents, that will help you set up live event booths and attract attention to yourself. Ted's PromoWorld is an amazing resource, and not just for businesses. Charity groups, schools, youth sport leagues, scouting organizations, churches and others all find great uses for the items they find through us. In fact, many wedding planners even use us to obtain personalized reception items! Our custom imprinted promotional products have a nearly unlimited amount of uses. Try our easy search engine today to find the items you and your group need. If you have any questions about ordering promotional products feel free to contact us.

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If you are looking for a Promotional Products Company/website that is easy to use, offers a complete database for all available promotional products, where the owner, handles every order, and inquiry personally?


If you want to know exactly who is accountable when you place your order for Promotional Products to be done right and delivered on time. Then look no further?


I am Ted Lehman and I am on the other end of every email, phone call and web cart request that you make. Along with Halo Branded Solutions, I have the buying power of one of the largest companies in the Promotional Products Industry with the personal service you'd expect from a small Mom and Pop shop. I have over 35 years of direct marketing experience, product knowledge and creative approaches to help you reach your business goals.


So if you are tired of not having a face or a person's name to work with at the company you currently do business with and want a real person who is 100% accountable to make sure your promo orders meet up to your high standards, every time, than Ted's Promotions is the place for you.


No custom product can be made with out good communication. Please feel free to call, e-mail or fax your questions to Ted anytime.

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Easily Order Promotional Products

Ted's PromoWorld is the most comprehensive promotional product search site on the Internet. We make it easy to find and order promotional products that will not only separate you from your competition but also keep your logo or contact information in front of your clients and potential clients. We can connect you with thousands of items, so it is easy for you to find the right products for your marketing plan and your budget. Ted's PromoWorld can help you find not only give away merchandise and corporate logo imprinted gifts but also attention getting banners and inflatables. No matter what your marketing plan, we can connect you with the items you need to carry your logo or information.

Although our customized promotional products are perfect for businesses looking to market their products or services, we can also help churches, youth sport leagues, schools and other groups find appropriate items for fund raising or team building as well. Our extensive collection allows these groups to find the right items for their budgets. We even have many couples purchasing our personalized executive corporate gifts to give to their guests and members of their wedding party.


Ted's PromoWorld is ready to connect you with the marketing merchandise you need. Enter our site for several informative articles online to help you decide which items may be best for you and, of course, our easy to use search engine.


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